Commissioning and Qualification

Doorway Group's start-to-finish commissioning services can help you prepare for safe, reliable operations.

Commissioning is a critical stage in the life of any facility. The process may be thought of as a series of vital checks that are undertaken before actual operation begins. Our complete commissioning services can play an important role in minimising project risks and achieving performance goals right from the start.

At Doorway Group, it's our job to prove the integrity of all systems, identifying and correcting design and construction errors along the way. Our comprehensive approach helps our clients meet a host of challenges that arise from a project's very beginning, such as cost control; schedule adherence; regulatory, safety and environmental compliance; and operational performance.

Clearly, the safe, efficient operation of every facility is our goal. Toward that end, we undertake complete responsibility for commissioning, whether we start in the engineering office, provide expertise in the fabrication yard or mobilise to a remote area.


  • Software Delivery & Site Acceptance Testing.
  • Hardware Installation & Site Acceptance Testing.
  • Calibration Assessment & Planning.
  • I/O Point Checks.
  • Loop Tuning.
  • Resourcing Commissioning Teams.
  • Commissioning Management.


    Test Planning.
  • Test Specification Generation.
  • IQ Test Execution.
  • OQ Test Execution.
  • PQ Testing Support.
  • Test Summary Reports.
  • Qualification Management.
  • Validation Support.
  • Quality Assurance Services.


    Systems Procedures.
  • Back Up & Restore.
  • Disaster Recovery.
  • Change Management.
  • Configuration Master Plans.
  • System Backups.
  • System Handover.